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Hey! Singapore so hot and humid, how to survive like that?

Singapore is a country with colorful culture background, harmonious racial integration, and diverse range of cuisines. Living in Singapore is almost all pros, so what are the cons? Despite its strategic location in the heart of Asia, as one of the most important global transportation hub, it is also located right above the equator. Being so close to the equator means to have sun rays directly overhead, causing an all-year summer with high humidity in Singapore. This is one obvious con living in Singapore, we don’t get season changes, we don’t get to build snowman with Elsa, and of course, we don’t get romantic street scene filled with fallen maple scenes.

In addition to not having season changes, we need to understand the best ways to keep our interior space ventilation and temperature at a comfortable level to save us from the sweat we get walking back home from MRT station. Most of us would think to just get an air conditioner at home, easy right? Unfortunately, that is a misconception many of us have because aside from an air conditioner that provides cold air, there are indoor ventilation and air movement to take care of, considering the the high humidity in the country.

 So how ah? There is one critical term we Singapore residents need to learn, which is HVAC, the term stands for heat, ventilation, and air conditioning. HVAC has become significant recent years as global warming and climate change cause massive natural disasters around the world, the term is usually used when commercial buildings are developed. The reason we need to know about this is also due to climate change, building a greener environment for us to live in not only reduce the possibility of us getting sick, but also contribute to ease the already serious climate change.

HVAC is the strategy of designing a living space to maintain healthy indoor quality to ensure comfort within the space. Heat is where we control the indoor temperature by windows and shades to reduce natural heat gain from the sun right overhead.

Next, ventilation is about the manipulation of air movement within our homes with assistance of home appliances such as a standing fan or a ceiling fan. Sounds technical and almost impossible for laymen, but it is as simple as having your ceiling fan on when you are almost suffocating. Ceiling fan is known to be able to create a comfortable environment with acceptable to optimum level of humidity and temperature.

Nonetheless, ceiling fan is for times when we still feel alright with the indoor temperature. When the temperature becomes unbearable and when we cannot go to shopping mall, we will have to use our final weapon – AIR CONDITIONER. What does air conditioner do really? It moves heat from the inside of our homes, and consequently changes the ambient temperature by blowing the air via a set of coolant pipes. Cool, right?

As good as your air conditioner is, don’t remember to service it unless you want to get dirty air into your house and have astronomical electricity bill. Call us now to understand more about how you can have your home’s HVAC operate better!

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