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If You Don’t Take Care Of Your Air Conditioner, It Will Harm You.

As dramatic as the title sounds, it is sadly a truth. Air conditioners provide us comfort in many ways, and are always just one switch away. They are especially important when we reside in Singapore, a country that has a tropical climate with high humidity all year long.

Oftentimes when we don’t take care of our home appliances, the worst that can happen is that they break down and are then replaced by newer models. However, it is not as simple when it comes to air conditioners. We inhale the air converted and filtered by an air conditioner in a confined space, and usually at places we are the most relaxed.

When our air conditioners are not maintained regularly, they can collect many unimaginable pollutants such as dust, mold spores, pollen, and other harmful airborne particles such as the ones that are in haze. Although these pollutants can be found almost everywhere, they become hazardous to human health when all are accumulated in one air conditioner unit that is damp, dark, and enclosed.

Respiratory Illness
Air conditioner draws heat and humidity from the room to lower the temperature, this process dehumidifies the air and can leads to dry mucus-coated lining within our nose, which then become vulnerable to airborne diseases. Human’s respiratory system is almost always the first to be affected by bad air quality, that direct to some common respiratory illnesses are such as runny nose, sneezing, and coughing.

As explained above, the heat and humidity are drawn from the room so that cold air can be provided to the interior space; they are then stored on the cooling coil of the air conditioner unit. This produces an environment that is damp and dusty, which makes an extremely ideal hotbed for molds and germs to reproduce and to grow. In addition to common respiratory illnesses, the accumulation of germs, molds, and dusts have our throats and respiratory system prone to allergic reaction. The molds can even trigger asthma reaction when the allergy becomes severe.

Eye Infection
The best partner to an unmaintained air conditioner is always a compromised filter. Filter that is not cleaned allows ANYTHING from pollutants, allergens, chemicals, dust mites to mold spores to be blown into the interior space. These allergens irritate the lining of the eye and can turn it red or pink. The symptoms accelerate faster when these allergens come with cold air, which worsen existing dry eye symptoms.

Many think that all air conditioners do are circulate and convert air to create a cold, comfortable ambient for the interior spaces. One thing that many of us air conditioner users overlooked is when the air conditioner vents are not cleaned on a regular basis, it starts circulating pollens, allergens, and dust in our homes.

What Can You Do?
Your role in protecting your family from all above health effects caused by unmaintained air conditioner is as simple as to have your air conditioners serviced regularly. Also if you decide to do it, have the experts help you!


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